Mind Without Borders


Mind Without Borders is a prison dharma program organized by the New York City Nalandabodhi sangha. We provide Buddhist study through correspondence courses, dharma pen pals and practice instructors. We are able to nurture Buddhist study and meditation groups within some prisons and send DVDs for the inmates to view and discuss together. When possible, we make personal visits to the prisoners with whom we are working.

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche has told us, in general, that those of us who have been fortunate enough to hear, contemplate and meditate upon the Buddhadharma have a responsibility to share it with others, especially those who are in the greatest need. Specifically, with respect to prisoners and the dharma, he says, “Prisoners should have the same opportunity as any one of us.”

For more information or to send a donation, please contact co-directors Julia Grace, Jonathan Swann or Isabel Kirsch.  Visit the Mind Without Borders Facebook group by clicking here.

Donations can also be made here via Paypal:




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