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  • Tara Sadhana Practice – Wednesday 7-8:30pm


    The NB Tara Sadhana Practice is a deity yoga practice that invites the liberating energies of Arya Tara.

    “Not only is supplicating Arya Tara beneficial for clearing away immediate obstacles for individuals who have entered the paths to liberation and omniscience; supplicating Arya Tara helps to clear away all hindrances and obstacles related to achieving the ultimate goals. If you are a person who has entered and is practicing the path, then supplicating Arya Tara helps dispel all obstacles you are facing that get in the way of making your practice fruitional. Arya Tara also clears away obstacles of all those with whom we have connections, our friends, our relatives, our partners and so on, anyone for whom we wish that they be free of illness, negative spirits, and other obstacles. When you supplicate Arya Tara you will receive her blessing.”
         - Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

    This practice is open to all practitioners.

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